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Our aim is to create a better everyday life and bringing happiness to many people’s household by delivering high speed Internet and digital TV in affordable prices.

Mero SKY - Digital TV and High Speed Internet

Providing a best solution to our Nepalese communities in their everyday life.

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Welcome to Mero Sky Cable, the one stop solution for TV and Broadband solution. Our root started from early 1995 and has become Nepal’s leading entertainment company, serving local communities. Our core service started from providing cable TV, since then we have widen and transformed our network to Digital TV and high speed Internet solution. We offer cutting edge solution for delivering your favorite HD and SD TV channels from all over the world.

Bringing happiness to peoples life by delivering their favorite TV channels, entertaining and creating joyful environment to all the friends and family members. We are part of the community and remain the everyday life of communities. Providing a best solution to our customers in their everyday life is our success.

Our services are affordable to everybody and aim to provide million of household affordable services. We are very committed to provide better technology and improve our service and technology as time comes in.

We would like to welcome you all, to join our Digital TV and High Speed Internet service to take full advantage out of it. Please contact us if you have any requirements and queries.

There are number of reason why our customer choose us:

  • Excellent customer service.
  • 100% power backup, which means you can even enjoy Digital TV and Internet on load shedding hours.
  • Our approach is “How can I help you?” Our customer service excellent which you are looking for.
  • Provide 24hrs phone support and office hours site visit.
  • Our service runs 99.9%
  • Our network monitoring teams are making sure that our network will never fail and we also have redundancy platform.
  • 18 support center branches in Kathmandu. Our expert engineers who can solve any issues in the customer ends, else engineers are stand-by near your doorstep from our nearest support center

Wellcome to the Future of Viewing Experience

Crystal Clear HD Channels.

A revolution to TV technology from Analog to Digital. Digital television is the transmission of television signals using digital rather than conventional analog methods. Watching Analog TV has never been satisfying, thanks to Digital TV technology where our customers can now watch crystal clear HD and SD TV channels.

We offer more possibilities to meet your every need.

High Speed Internet Service

Surf, Upload, Download with Confident. No Hidden Charges.

We are very pleased to offer our customers Digital and High Speed Internet in a same single wire. Mero Sky Internet technology have made us capable to provide our customer ground breaking speed to surf and download in the Internet with the lighting speed.